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So it seems that Respawn and EA have been working with Nexon to deliver a Titanfall experience for South Korea known as Titanfall Online, but as of yet there is no word if this will hit the international market.

Looking at the released footage (some below) it seems Titanfall Online is based around the first Titanfall game and thats more than apparent with the advertised media showing the likes of the Atlas, Ogre and Stryder Titans which didnt make their way to the new game but i have to admit i dont remember at the time of writting this the Destroyer titan.

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Something else to consider although this hasnt been mentioned but with the Online tag that normally follows Free to Play titles Nexon is know for its Free to Play marketing with the likes of Dirty Bomb, GITS Stand Alone Complex and upcoming Lawbreakers.

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So i thought it was about time i got this out there and let everyone know what is happening with Coop-Comrades on both a Website and a YouTube perspective.

I’m going to start by saying SORRY. Over the last few months from a site perspective and the last year and a half or so from a YouTube perspective things have not gone as planned either due to work or personal reasons.

Having a full time job and not having as much free personal time these days, its been becoming harder and harder to keep things going BUT i have been trying to make a start in getting things back off their feet.

So going forward as of December the 1st I’m going to try and keep the site going with at least 1 post a day from myself (i try for more) and hopefully others in the founding Coop-Comrades community may jump in and help out (if you want to help out then please feel free to reach out to me on the forums). So these posts will be general gaming news, things...

Well the rumour mill is working overtime as it seems the www.firefall.com is down for the count along with http://www.firefall.com/en/community (normally the forums have stayed up unless advertised) and also it seems players cant login to the game at this current point in time.

Firefall Website.png FirefallClient 2016-08-30 15-25-11-144.png
Now back when the 1.6 patch hit i personally gave the game 6-9 months before it would be done for.... this is now the start of month 8 from that patch and it seems like it may have finally happened.

That or they are just having some MAJOR technical difficulties.

Will update the thread if i hear any more news.

Ok so almost 24 hours after the servers went down things seem to be coming back up.
The person behind R5Admin on the forums hasn't said much other than services are back up with no explanation to the player base but it seems the game has...
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I have to admit i thought i posted about this back in May when i first read this that Forge Halo 5: Guardians Edition was coming to PC.
Now don't get too excited but although it had Halo 5: Guardians Edition in the name it wasn't Halo 5 as most of us would have liked.

Coming in early September (reportedly the 8th) we are getting Halo 5's Forge mode coming to the Windows 10 store. This isn't a full multiplayer system BUT that said there is going to be support for 16 players in forge so its unknown at this time if that means there will be some kind of matchmaking or not but im sure even if there isn't it wont take the lovely halo PC community to make one.

“Halo 5: Forge brings the entire Forge level-creation experience from Halo 5: Guardians to Windows 10, with support for mouse and keyboard for highly refined object placement and manipulation, higher-resolution displays (including 4k) for stunning graphic fidelity, the ability to host...

Blizzard has released footage about a new upcoming map named Eichenwalde. This map is supposed to be the home for Bastion and are located in Germany.

Red 5 Studios has not been in a healthy state for some time now following layoffs late last year and it sounds like the end has finally arrived.

According to remaining staff at the studio which develops and operates Firefall, they have all been let go. Tweets has gone off from numerous developers. Among these is one of our favorites within the company. Most of you know him as FadedPez. His tweet can be found here: https://twitter.com/FadedPez/status/757697647075467264

The ex-CEO Mark Kern, indicate that this could finally be the end but there has been no official announcement made by the studio or The9 as yet. Mark Kern has seen this coming for some time and has pulled the old Firefall community for a new MMO with the name Ember that would be in the spirit of Firefall. If you want to hear more about it, you can visit the Official Forums, Fan-driven...

Infinity Ward has released a new video over on YouTube (video below) showing off the first 10 minutes of Infinite Warfare.

Despite a lot of hate that the first reveal trailer received (which was uncalled for and turned into a game of how many dislikes can we get this video too) this one at the time of writing this is up to 267,920 views and have double the likes as dislikes which is better than the reveal.

I understand people dont want futuristic multiplayer anymore but from a campaign perspective i REALLY like the look of Infinite Warfare and cant wait to take this for a spin especially when Infinity Ward has said they have really upped the game with the story telling in this game.

Now after watching the gameplay i'm still a little concerned as to how well this runs on PC as the previous titles haven't had the best track record and all i can tell you is that the gameplay was made using a controller but that doesn't mean this isn't PC...
So i was lucky enough to have Mark Kern agree to what i thought would be a quick Q&A session that turned into a 45 min session.

Below is the Video on YouTube of the Q&A but i do need to apologies that Marks Audio got a little corrupted towards the end (the last 5 minutes) but that was literally the last 2 questions and his thanks to the community.

I will be posting a written version of the Q&A once I've had the time to transcribe the recordings here on Coop-Comrades.com.

For now enjoy the video :)

Ana Amari, the Overwatch support sniper who was revealed last week, is now live and playable on PC.

Blizzard developers Jeff Kaplan, Geoff Goodman, Michael Chu, Tim Ford, and Arnold Tsang talked about the new hero over the weekend in a lengthy “Ana: Declassified” livestream that you can dig into out below.

Patch notes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20747185139


Blizzard recently teased something sniper-related on Twitter. They released the schematics for an advanced sniper rifle that's kitted out for a medic, but it was made clear it wasn't for Mercy.

They have finally released info about the next upcoming hero Ana Amari. All speculations about Ana Amari being Sombra seems to have been wrong.

So who is Ana Amari? She is a as earlier known Pharah's mother and she likes shooting things from really far away.

Ana's going to hit the public test region today, according to Blizzard. Here's a complete rundown of her abilities:
  • Her "Biotic Rifle" first long-range darts that either heal allies or deal ongoing damage to enemies.
  • She also has a Biotic Grenade, which hurts enemies and heals allies. It also places a buff on allies increasing their healing received for the next few seconds, and a debuff on enemies, making...